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Sullivan’s Songhouse in Ireland
The Songhouse band will be travelling to Ireland this summer from August 18th until August 25th and thus the Songhouse in Calvert will not be open during that timeframe. We look forward to returning again for the next scheduled date of August 29th and continuing every Wednesday & Saturday after that until the end of October!
Sullivan’s Songhouse – On the road!

While returning home from a golf trip in Florida, Sean Sullivan and Sheldon Thornhill along with a few good buddies had some time to spare while waiting to board their Westjet flight to Newfoundland.

As he often does, Sheldon decided to take out his accordion and start playing. Sean quickly joined in. Before they knew it there were dozens of people gathered around and joining in on what quickly became a Newfoundland Kitchen Party, much like you will find at Sullivans Songhouse!

There were videos taken and shared on Facebook which quickly went viral!  Check out some of the media posts below:

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